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On the last full day I spent in Turkey, I went off for a bit of a tour by myself, I loved it!!! I later on met up with my sister to do a bit more.

The photos are in order of how my day went, I took the overground train to my destination and walked to most of the place as they were pretty close to each other. I went to the Basilica Cistern, Outside of the blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and walked over Galata bridge to where I took a taxi to a place called Taksim and met up with my sister.

Everywhere I went was just amazing! I fell in love with Basilica Cistern, If i had more time I would have definitely spent a little longer there. There were some fishes under the water as well but i couldn’t get a good enough picture.

I know there’s a lot more i didn’t get to see but I guess after i’ve visited a lot more places I really want to see I would go back.

Their language is soo difficult, you know how you go on holiday and try and learn the basics like ‘Hello’ or ‘Thank you’? I struggled and just stuck to English hahaa! Ohh and as much as I was a tourist in Turkey, I (a black lady) was also a tourist attraction to them… I got used to it though.

Much Love


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