LONDON: The Berkeley Fashionista’s Afternoon Tea ♥




















I actually hate the word ‘Fashionista’ but I think it’s because I always read it in a deep Nigerian accent, which makes me cringe but this is what it is called so…

I’ve been wanting to go for this specific afternoon tea since my sister told me about it last year, mostly because of the influence of fashion (which I found very exciting) but the whole needing to book so in advance put me off for ages because, who knows what they’re doing on a Wednesday in a months (or more) time???

Oh well, I finally did about a month ago because I knew I wouldn’t be working and I’d need something to do. Now, yes I know it’s just cakes, sandwiches and teas- I’ve never heard of before but I really enjoyed it. Fashion, cake and tea are all on my ‘favourite things’ list, not that I have one though. Ha!

The cakes/sweets were all inspired by designers like Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana, Jason Wu, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Anyways, it’s not a place for just for people who like, know (or think they do) fashion but I guess the stylish atmosphere is what makes them a bit more attractive because of how pretty it is. The sandwiches were amazing; Lemon something, egg something, salmon something (I didn’t hear a word of what the waiter said, too hungry/excited but I heard those words hehee) I had pear caramel (I experimented) tea then my favourite; fresh mint tea and my friend had wild blossom & berries tea. They also have a nut  and gluten-free selection.

Ohh and you can eat as much as you want, they refill/replace whatever you finish… Trust me to take advantage of that and stuff my face. Yikes!!!

It’s definitely a nice place to go with a few friends or if you want to do something little for your birthday or for whatever other reason people go out for tea, I would love to go again, so please invite me if you decide to go. Ha! i’m joking (…kinda).

Much love

Oh, Oh, Oh…. and you also get a little cute goody bag with even more cakes!!! Oh mannnnn!!

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