LET’S TALK: New York ♥

L-R: Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang
Via: Style.com

I’m always so excited for Fashion week in general, I love finding out about new designers, seeing some of my favourite designers creations, adding more designers to my ‘faves’ and just learning in general. I see how fabrics are used, patterns, textures, shapes and all of that. I love it!!!

In New York this year there were quite a few collections that I loved and some that just had a lot of key pieces. Rodarte for starters, I loved the shapes, colour and textures. These two were part of my favourite items from the collection especially the jumper and the skirt. Like it’s just a basic jumper and skirt but the colours, the different… should I say ‘levels’? Yeah ‘levels’ could work! There were just so many levels the pieces and a perfect mix of patterns and textures (emphasising those two words). And, there we had Proenza Schouler, I think the difference from the beginning to the end was a lot, it was definitely a lot more structural in the beginning then it became more ‘flowy’ towards the end. There was a modern type of patch work, and a repeat of the shape of a jacket they used last season, which worked. Leather and a touch of neon, it worked for me! Alexander Wang, his pieces are always so simple yet so stunning. He got a good thing for shape, it works for him. Anddddddd the pieces glow in the dark!!! Like that’s so freaking cool! Before I forget, the shoes as well, as painful as they look, they are amazing! probably worth the pain.
Derek Lam had some good stuff, 3.1 Philip Lim, The Row. Oooh and Marchesa was beautiful as always. It looked very Indian to me, not too sure if that where they got their inspiration from but yeah.
I’m trying to express my self and as i’m thinking I keep moving my hand as if I’m dj-ing, Ha! I wish you could see me right now…. actually I don’t.
Your faves?
Much love

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