LET’S TALK: Milan ♥

L-R: Sportmax, Etro, Gucci (via Style.com)

Milan this year wasn’t as interesting as usual, but I still found some key pieces whilst searching. Sportmax, from the name I guess it’s not that hard to believe that it had some ‘sportiness’ to its pieces I fell in love with the  dress above, I like how it has this check/patchwork feel to it and the use of sheer fabrics in certain areas and the laser cut leather jacket, yes yes! Etro was another collection I liked, it was a lot different to Sportmax. Etro was more feminine and had this oriental feel to it, a nice feel to it and a good interpretation in a sense of colour and shape. Loved the slicked back hair and dangly earring too, beautiful!! And then we also had Gucci; if you ever do get the chance to walk down the red carpet for the Oscars or something, do visit Gucci for a beautiful, ‘classy type of sexy’ dress. Am I the only one who believes that J Lo was on their customer board this season? Lol

Oh how could I forget?! Dolce and Gabbana, Such a pretty collection and I love the rice/potato bag dresses, SO cute! and the architectural inputs, so fab!

Much love

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