LET’S TALK: Céline ♥


via Style.com

I had so much fun making this. Anyways céline… Céline… CéLINE!!! I fell in love with so many pieces from this collection but these certain pieces got me! Like heart-racing-real-fast kind of ‘got me’ Now i’m on that mission to get that ‘I would so have ordered you the minute I saw you’ kind of money… Till then!

I don’t know what the proper name for this fabric/print is but I know it as a ‘Ghana must go bag‘. The collection still was overall very minimalistic (standard Céline) so it was really all about the shape. I loved the dresses that had the wrapped up sleeves tied in front… it was such a Rihanna thing only that it’s classy! Shhhh….

Much love

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