Happy New Year ♥


Hoping for this year to be the best one yet…

I do get excited at the beginning of every new year because it’s a perfect time to start over and set goals on how I want to improve my life and be a better person in every way possible.

One of my goals for the year is to obviously blog a lot more… I know, I know! Also, to stop making excuses as to why I can’t, even though right now I am in Nigeria and my internet connection really isn’t at it’s best right now (Last excuse, I promise).

And my main goal is to Fear-less! I’ve let ‘fear’ stop me from doing so many things I should have and a lot of the reasons why,was because I didn’t want to fail… but who does? and you can’t succeed or fail without trying right?!

I’ve made a lot more goals and I plan to put 100 into everything.

I wish you all happiness, success and everything you desire from today onwards!

Lots of love




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