FASHION: …The ‘D’ ♥


It’s Summer time, so it only makes sense to talk about sunglasses and add some quick sketches…

(The) Daring one: The Anna Dello Russo (basically), The one who definitely considers a pair of sunglasses to be an important accessory. Most probably has loads of different pairs and definitely wouldn’t be looking at the same section as the ‘Dope kid’ but might have similiar interest with the “Diva’. Bright colours? Definitely! Architectural constructions? Necessary! 3D part? Oh yes!!

So which designers are we filtering: Ksubi, Linda Farrow, Linda Farrow Collaborations.


(The) Dope kid: In other words known as the ‘cool kid’, The Christine Centenera or could we say ‘The female Yeezy’? The tomboy from the head to ankles or from waist to toe. So what does this ‘dope kid’ wear? Leather? Black or white! Denim? Ripped! T-shirts? Grey!

So which designers are we filtering: Celine, Alexander Wang, Grey Ant

(The) Diva: The cat eye, the round eye. The Victoria Beckham, The ‘must be a snob’ or ‘might just not be one’ kind of girl. Girly, with a pinch of ‘tomboy’ but not too much. Pencil skirts? Yes, Tailored trousers? a few! Red lipstick? in every shade!

So which designers are we filtering: The Row, Tom Ford, Victoria Beckham

… & you are???


Much love

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