FASHION: Stella McCartney Resort 2014 ♥

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You’d so most definitely find me in the Mens department of a store looking for something, 9/10 times probably a shirt for myself.  I’m so in love with the whole  ’self-relationship in fashion, the couple that exist with one human being; like you being the girlfriend and the boyfriend

Come again??? basically I mean the whole ‘Female meets male’ or is it  ’Male meets female’ style of fashion. Okay I’m confusing you…

Been looking through the pre-season (Resort) collections as it’s THAT time of the year again and as always, I’ve been falling in love with some pieces but not all collections have been released yet, so no judging! This Stella McCartney lady,  the woman of everything I’m talking about now!!! These Jackets!!! I mean… I don’t even know what to say apart from just pointing out the fact I NEED them and yes with the undergarments too and yes… the models body as well. I love the mix of prints, the colour palette and how she’s managed to not make it look over the top. Everything!!! I’m a big, big Stella fan anyways and If I could, I’d own everything she makes and I’d be like the coolest chic ever!!! but I don’t so… I guess that just makes me, me!

See the whole collection here.

Rewinding back a little, (.here collection whole the see !me ,me makes just that guess I………..) Lol! Since Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier and co make kilts skirts for men, Do boys now say “I’m wearing a girlfriend so and so” like the Ladies talk about their boyfriend jeans or blazers? C’mon, talk to me…. Yeezy? Tisci?… Marc Jacobs?

Was meant to be having a lie-in today (day off work) but of course I was up before 8 and the black coffee I had with my breakfast maybe wasn’t the brightest of ideas.

Much love!



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