FASHION: Carry On ♥

Illustrations by me

I think of more of a clutch person than a handbag person or should I say I’d like to be more of a clutch person than a handbag person but considering the fact I feel that I NEED everything when i’m going out, i’m actually very much more of a handbag person. HUH? I used to always carry basically my whole make up bag but now I carry half of it, I mean what if something spills down my top and I have to quickly get a new one? what if because of that I might need to change my lipstick, my eyeshadow and my blush? or why don’t I bring an extra top so if I do spill something, I won’t need to buy. Or why don’t I pack my bottle with the push cap and drink from that to stop myself from spilling a drink on myself?


and I guess I’ll need my NI card? someone might give me a job on the street or a large pack of tampons even though I know I don’t need it but someone else might, right?

This is my crazy, hoarder-ish way of thinking… Haha!!

Anyways, I did these illustrations recently of a Jerome Dreyfuss and an Anya Hindmarch clutch. I kind of got interested in fashion illustrations when during my first year we had to do some for a project and my tutor at that time asked me, if I’d ever done a course on illustrations before and I hadn’t. I gave her that ‘yeah it’s cool’ smile but best believe I was dying inside especially because of the tutor that said it (my style has changed A LOT since then though). In second year, I then handed in some of my illustrations for a competition and have been mentored (with a group of other people) throughout the year to try and improve and expand on my technique, which I am still doing.

I’m basically free for the next 2/3 weeks so I will be doing some more even though ‘free’ isn’t really the word to use as a fashion student. We are never free, there’s always something we need to do!!!

Now, thanks for reading my autobiography (When did I suddenly have so much to say??!)

HASHTAG: LOVINNNN’, NEED, OmgAmazinggg, OmgOmg, Omggggggg, OmgICantStopSayingOMG…. hehehee



Much love


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