Beads ♥

I look like a child here…

I love going places, being a tourist and taking photos, it’s one of my favourite things to do!!!

I’ve lived/still live in Nigeria but i’ve never really explored it per say. I went to two different markets; one called New market; which was more of a food/household market and the other called ‘Oyingbo’ market which sold accessories and house decoration. They were both clean so it wasn’t that bad but I loved the ‘Oyingbo’ market, it was so much fun trying to price things and just laughing with the people there. There was a lot of jewellery, paintings and furniture etc, it was so interesting and colourful. I took all these pictures with my iPhone so they aren’t the best but you should get a little feel of it, the last photo is of what i bought from there. I’m loving my time here in Nigeria, just spending time with my whole family and learning a lot of new things… I don’t want to go back to London yet but once I do, i’ll start with the outfit posts again.

Much love


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